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    A legal incubator is a supportive environment designed to accelerate the growth and success of small and solo practice law firms.  The concept of incubators started in the business field, and can now be found across various fields all with the goal of providing low cost overhead, business planning, and a collaborative environment, which are critical in the early years of any business development. Each legal incubator program reflects the needs of its community.

    Through intensive business development trainings, substantive legal trainings, substantive opportunities for direct client services, and direct ongoing mentorship; legal incubator participants are equipped with the confidence, resources, and skillset to run successful practices while representing clients to the highest standards.

  • what is

    CLIP – Collaborative Legal Incubator Program?

    CLIP will be a one-year “on-the-job training program” for new, socially conscious solo/small firm practitioners.  This program is a part of East River Legal Services, Sioux Falls, SD.

    CLIP was born out of the idea that SD lawyers can focus on community needs and do more to provide access to justice to low income and modest means clients.  In order to do more, SD lawyers need more – they need more mentorship, more direct experience on public interest issues and clients, more substantive legal education, direction on how to think like an entrepreneur, and most importantly a supportive and collaborative environment to build successful legal practices based on best practices in the industry.

    CLIP is being funded through the SD Bar Foundation for two pilot years.


    Use Our Space

    Subsidized office space at East River Legal Aid

    Receive Support

    Training, mentoring, onsite supervision, and a supportive environment

    Give Back

    Ongoing pro bono opportunities*

  • CLIP

    Participant Requirements:

    1. SD licensed practitioner
    2. Carries individual legal malpractice insurance (250/500)
    3. Onsite location in Sioux Falls, SD, East River Legal Services
    4. Committed to starting and building a solo or small firm practice
    5. Committed to taking pro bono cases with direct onsite supervision
    6. Committed to program’s success during and after its conclusion.
  • CLIP

    Participant Benefits**

    • Subsidized office space at East River Legal Aid (fax, copy, paper, internet, furniture, conference room etc.) – $0 for first 5 months; $150 for last 7 months
    • Intensive Business Development Training from successful small business entrepreneurs and academic institutions
    • Procedural & Substantive law training by practitioners in the field
    • Business & Legal Mentoring
    • Onsite Supervision and supportive environment for new practitioners
    • Ongoing pro bono opportunities*
    • Ongoing networking opportunities – legal community & greater community
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  • *See Incubator Participant agreement on what qualifies as pro bono hours for program purposes.

    **Benefits are being negotiated and are subject to change.